It’s been an eventful three months. Result: very few newsletters.

But below you can see three of the projects I’ve loved working on in that time .

LISON de CAUNES’s Biography

Lison de Caunes is the woman behind the luxury brand that has nature and tradition at its core.

As Nadine Coleno writes in the recently released biography of her life and work, “with patience and consistency and above all the energy that characterises the woman herself, Lison has revived the forgotten art of straw marquetry”

Designers like Peter Moreno and Pierre Yves Rochon are using Lison de Caunes works in luxury projects around the world.

I’m inspired by this woman, her family enterprise, and the simple timeless beauty of the natural material she uses to create what is now being recognised as ‘true luxury’ by design professionals the world over – the combination of natural materials and artistic tradition.

I was invited (I’m so lucky) to develop the brand’s iconography and image bank. I focused on the processes, uses, and people behind the product.

Some images were included in the recently released Biography of Lison de Caunes, ‘Lison de Caunes : la paille en héritage’ which is by the way, inspirational reading; there are so many lessons for life in here about art, the nobleness of craft based work and family.

Lison de Caunes was awarded the title of Maitre d art in 1998. Maître d’art is a title awarded for life by the French Ministry of Culture to distinguished professionals from the arts and crafts, for their exceptional expertise and their ability to pass on their knowledge. This title is the French version of Intangible cultural heritages recognized by UNESCO.

Le Mondrian Bordeaux les Carmes by Philippe Starck

Le Mondrian Bordeaux les Carmes, France, opened its doors 2 weeks ago – a new address in Bordeaux’s historic  Chartrons district, imagined by architectural designer and artistic director Philippe Starck.

Inside, Japanese star chef Masaharu Morimoto  opens his first restaurant in Europe, ‘Morimoto Bordeaux’ where Asian culinary art and techniques blend with European flavors. I loved it. It all works beautifully.

” The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes is a castle built with quality stones and elegant bricks, where you live more because you are loved. This is real life, the fruitful life that evolves and is always nourished by encounters – and often the most improbable become the most probable. It is no longer a possibility but a certainty that it is our necessity. ”

‘Golden Hour’ was the key guidepost in Mr Starck’s brief. Art direction was by lifestyle hospitality group, Ennismore. See the results for yourself  below.

Rosemary Marrakech for Elle Decoration France

Days after the violent shock of Morocco’s earthquake, Elle Decoration France sent me to shoot Laurence Leenaert’s (LRNCE ®) new venture, a boutique hotel called ‘Rosemary Marrakech’.

I used the trip to transport a suitcase of essential medicines generously donated by local pharmacies where I live. At the airport, the check-in que was full of people running essential clothing and emergency supplies to communities in need. Desperation was in the air.

It was against this backdrop, that Marrakech based Belgian artist Laurence Leenaert (LRNCE)  & her husband Ayoub Boualam’s contemporary riad in Marrakech was opening. Rosemary Marrakech showcases the best of Morocco’s next-gen creative arts scene, all woven together with Laurence’s deft artistic vision.

Laurence and Ayoub passion for local arts and crafts has embedded them into the community and they were working overtime to help where they could, at a time of sadness and need.

Rosemary Marrakech is a portal to the city’s artistic community. The clear blue skies and mild winter days make this an inspirational base for a mid winter getaway.

And very special thank you to journalist Audrey Schneuwly for her beautiful words.