Hotel de la Plage

A Decoration eclectic and audacious signed by Olivier Granet- Sotis
Inside, what Olivier Granet-Sotis wanted to offer the visitors is a unique experience, imagined from influences from here and elsewhere for a timeless interior combining elegance and sobriety.
“It’s an imaginary journey inspired by both my loves for the basque country and for Morocco:.
His goal was to create a warm and welcoming place, made of a mixture of noble materials and bright colours , he’s also have made a selection of his favorite designers like LRNCE & Lucas Castex.

Architecture : Gardera & Pastre
Graphic design & textiles Art : @LRNCE
Wooden sculpture : Lucas Castex
Art : Supakitch
Photos : Elvis Rulio
B&W Painting : Mathieu Chavaren