Hollywood Savoy Restaurant

Designed by Bureau Lacroix

Facing the Paris Bourse, in the heart of the capital’s 2nd arrondissement, you’ll find a place that never goes out of fashion. A real institution, the Hollywood Savoy is an Art Deco-inspired restaurant whose décor is a permanent tribute to its history. The moment you enter, you are immersed in a tranquil atmosphere before discovering a majestic bronze bar in the main room, with details of old woodwork carved into the walls. Designed in the style of a 1930s salon, the leopard-print carpet is set off by bespoke furniture and lighting with precious details. At the rear of the restaurant, wood, brass and hammered glass combine to create a room inspired by a cinema set. This legendary venue is alive and vibrant both day and night, and becomes a festive destination when night falls. In the basement, a hidden Prohibition bar with a more electric identity reveals itself to prolong the party.