CARTIER XIII rue de la Paix

Cartier has recently opened its flagship store, 13 rue de la Paix in Paris
3 Interiors architects work on the project :
– Laura Gonzales
– Moinard / Betaille
– Studio Parisien
They sollicitated Master of Art Lison de Caunes to create some masterpiece to enhance their decor, on this shot
“Cartier in Paris sky” fresco on the 3rd floor by Atelier Parisin which celebrates the heritage of the Maison, is part of Cartier’s long standing support towards savoir-faire and artistic crafts.
This was the occasion for Cartier to pay tribute to them.

– Straw Marquetry  by Atelier Lison de Caunes
– Art Lacquer Atelier Midavaine
– Art Ironworks Pouenat